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For the past few weeks, the Canada Council for the Arts has been runningan ambitious consultation effort that combines online and public meetings with submissions to answer a critical question about the future of this sector.

What are some of the key issues and opportunities facing you today in the context of the changing environment in which you work such as new technologies, shifting definitions of art practice, demographic shifts, new organizational models, economic crisis, etc.?

The campaign was slow to start off and the feedback from this expressive and passionate community was that they did not feel comfortable participating in such a new method of engagement which relies on government funding for much of their financial support. The thoughtfulness that has gone into the conversation that is happening now is evident and great to see.

This campaign highlights our passion for giving organizations the opportunity to create ‘space for engagement’ as part of the process. Its not just about building a page to launch a campaign but its also about creating a safe environment where people can open up and innovate. Big ideas require some trust and vulnerability and while our platform provides part of the solution – it isn’t the entire picture. The Canada Council for the Arts has done a great deal of work to make this happen.

I applaud the efforts of the team at the CCA, an organization that does so much to support all the arts in Canada, and look forward to supporting their work in the future.

Visit the online campaign here!


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