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So what’s Ideascale all about? What’s in it for Ideavibes’ Customers?

Many of the features that you, our customers and contacts, have been asking for, are built into the Ideascale platform and I can’t wait to show them off. The folks at Ideascale have the same commitment as we do to helping cities, organizations and other levels of government engage with citizens or members to make things happen and make things better. Join us on May 28th at 1:00pm EST for a short webinar to learn about what Ideascale is all about.

Sign up for the webinar here: www2.ideascale.com/ideavibes-introduces-ideascale 

Questions? Contact paul.dombowsky@ideascale.com


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Its mid March and after a long winter, I am now trying to decide what to do next with Ideavibes. To answer this question, I thought the obvious first step was to reach out to the crowd for their input.

Three years ago, I launched Ideavibes with the input of a few friends and advisors and built a rather unique crowdsourcing platform that enables users to embed the tool using an iframe on their own website. Great for cities, governments and brands to make engagement happen on their own websites instead of sending them off to other sites.

We have enabled cities and other levels of governments as well as public organizations to utilize crowdsourcing to engage citizens to solve problems and help make change happen in communities around the world. We have also helped brands implement crowdsourcing or open innovation initiatives to build new products, improve existing ones, or develop service offerings that were market influenced from the start. You can read about some of these initiatives on blog.ideavibes.com .

Great stuff. But our inability to build a sustainable business has alluded us.

I am proud of what we have been able to do with the $50,000 I was able to pull together from friends and family, but a few factors have led us to the spot we are now in. These include:
– lack of a technical co-founder meaning a great deal of money was spent on outsourced development
– timing – we were very early into the space and this required a great deal of effort to educate prospective customers
– funding – yes we wasted money on things that, in hindsight, didn’t contribute to what we should have been focused on

In addition to our original platform, we also built the start of a public crowdsourcing space that would become an open platform for anyone to run their own crowdsourcing campaigns. Its unfinished but something that could be great public.ideavibes.com

We have built up some great thought leadership on the topics of crowdsourcing and citizen engagement and are asked to speak on the topic at events and cities, etc. in NA and Europe.

So – if you have ideas on what our next move should be – let me know. The possibilities are endless.

Please contact Paul Dombowsky at paul@ideavibes.com or by phone at 1-613-878-1681 if you would like to start a conversation or pass on your ideas.

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Recently I spoke at the Social Media and the Public Sector event in Ottawa and was heartened by the desire of our public sector to more regularly utilize social media and online engagement tools such as crowdsourcing. I do however feel for them and what is clearly a frustration with the current folks in power who seem to think their iron fisted control of all messaging and communications is going unnoticed by citizens.

One of the questions that does come up is whether our governments actually engage with citizens enough? Do citizens actually want to be able to participate more in things like budgetary rationalizing exercises, etc.?

I thought I would put this question out there and see what people think.


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Great things happen when citizens and government collaborate with each other. Technology opens up the doors to improving collaboration between these two groups. In the session “Openness in Government: from data to crowdsourcing,” Senator Kate Lundy spoke at the Open Source Developers Conference in Australia. Her session focused on open government and the call for government to be more transparent and responsive to citizens. Lundy describes the three pillars she feels encapsulate the aspects of open government:

  • Democratizing data
  • Participatory government
  • Citizen-centric services

Lundy stresses the importance of genuine interaction and engagement – a distinction from marketing and PR efforts. Lundy uses examples of the current  state of open government in Australia and the opportunities it has presented, as well as the need to provide citizens with easy access to services. There’s a lot of great, practical takeaways from Lundy’s session.

Here is the video recording of her session:

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Ideavibes has announced that Expansion Bridge Mexico will be joining them as an Integration Partner for the Ideavibes Engagement Platform. Expansion Bridge will focus on capacity building in the area of engagement and open innovation for governments and corporations throughout Mexico and Latin America.

“We have seen an increasing demand from in Latin America from both companies and governments looking for an engagement platform that focuses on innovation and engagement and is tightly integrated with popular social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook. Ideavibes is well positioned for growth in Latin America through this strong partner that understands the market and how best to capitalize on this growth,” according to Paul Dombowsky, Founder and CEO of Ideavibes. “Early on we see demand from cities from all over the world looking for the tools to go beyond what surveys or public consultations can do. Making sure a broad spectrum of voices is heard, whether you are a brand or a city/state government, is important. Our platform focuses on enabling participation from as diverse a crowd as possible on any issue.”

According to Francisco Valverde, VP of Social Platforms of Expansion Bridge Mexico, there are few options for platforms in Spanish focused on open innovation, crowdsourcing or citizen engagement. “We are pleased to join Ideavibes as a Integration Partner and plan on implementing the new Spanish version of their platform to help our clients in Mexico and Latin America. We work with many brands, City and State Governments, and other public institutions to help them use consultation and innovation to build better products, deliver open government, and provide mechanisms for useful citizen engagement.”

Download Press Release

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